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TransgenderDate is one of the oldest transgender dating websites. The site was started in 2007 and has had over 500,000 members during that time. They bill themselves as "a real transgender dating site". The site is more geared toward people looking for love and not just a one night stand. One look in their members area and you can tell them are unlike most transgender dating site.

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Transgender Date Overview

Cost: Free Signup, Premium features (starting at $4.95)

Features: Chat room, blogs, forum, videos on profiles, Quick Match, Viewed Me

Signing Up: The signup process was very easy. All I had to do was pick my gender, pick the gender I was most interested in and give my zip and email. The next page asked for my age and to choose a password. I will note that in the original signup process I could only choose one gender that I was interested in but once a member I could edit my profile to choose them all. The entire signup process took 15 seconds.

The Members Area: As soon as you have completed the sign up you are presented with a popup title Quick Match. This seems to be their version of swiping. Instead you choose a heart for members you like and an X for the ones you don't. If you do not want to use this feature you can simply close it.

Now you are in the members area. The first thing I noticed is that I was inundated with dick pics and that is a pleasant surprise. It does not look like TransgenderDate allows nudity which shows they are more interested in dating than hookups. The first section is member videos. Most of these seem to be of women but there were a couple of guys. This appears to be a VIP feature (more on this later) to upload and view. The next section is latest pictures. It appears these match the gender that I chose I am interested in on signup. The next section is potential matches which is pretty self explanatory. Then there are the latest members. This seems to be all new members regardless or my gender interest. You can definitely see here that there are more males than females joining. I would say a 75/25 split which for transgender sites isn't too bad.

The final section included the latest blog post and latest forum posts. These blogs and forums were all over the place. They ranged from a discussion of ex t-girl prostitutes to how to deal with dysphoria with government and economy talk in between. From best I can tell there are some genuine trans topics being discussed with current events thrown in. Trans women seem to be the main participants in these so there is good discussion for anyone with questions in that regard.

VIP Features: TransgenderDate like most dating sites operates on the freemium model. It is free to sign up but many of the features require a paid membership. What sets TransgednerDate apart from pretyy much every other site is that transgender members are always free. The only thing they need to do is verify their profile. The verification process is submitting a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with your member number.

Non trans members are limited in what they can do. As we mentioned above they cannot watch or have videos on their profile. They can send messages but cannot read them. They have limited access to viewing pictures of other members. They can see who viewed their profile only if they are verified. The VIP price options are $4.95/week, $14.95/month and $79.95 per year. On a monthly and year basis that is as good a deal as you will find.

Conclusion: Transgender Date is the best trans dating site in the world for actual transgender dating. It is also the best value in the space. It earned the 5 star rating for a reason.

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5 / 5

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